February 01, 2003
Farewell, Columbia

I'm out of town on travel at the moment, and before I left I asked my parents to call me if anything newsworthy happened.

After reading Steven Den Beste for the past week, I was expecting the war to start today. With war further delayed, I wasn't expecting any sort of phone call this morning, asking me if I had access to a television and telling me to check the news.


All the TV is showing at the moment is the video from the Waco television station, the streaks crossing the sky much like Challenger without the fireball. Not much else, just pundits opining about what might have happened, and what was going on on-board at the time (assuming a nominal mission). No pictures of the wreckage yet -- and unlike Challenger, Columbia's wreckage will all fall over land. (In fact there is an official on the news right now describing what will happen if you approach the wreckage if it is polluted with hypergolic propellants...ie:keep away from it).

Posted by T.L. James on February 1, 2003 09:18 AM