November 16, 2007

Keith Cowing is unimpressed with Mike Griffin's disavowal of blame for the problems currently facing the VSE.

And then he follows it up with an article about Ares I's pogo woes:

According to NASA sources, the Ares 1 first stage, as currently designed, would produce a frequency of 25 Hz at liftoff. The concern is that this oscillation could shake the Ares 1 upper stage and Orion capsule designed to carry human passengers, causing considerable damage and that it could also adversely affect the Guidance, Navigation, and Control avionics in the rocket's Instrumentation Unit.
Um, help me out here, Mike...who foisted Ares I onto us? Yeah, that's what I thought.

On the bright side, at least this idea isn't coming back...Oh, wait...

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