May 31, 2008
Peckman's Peeper

Oddly, given the ubiquity of photo and video devices nowadays, this is something you don't see every day:

The Denver man who is pushing a ballot measure to have the city form an "ET Commission" showed video of what he says is an alien Friday morning at a news conference. Reporters were allowed to view the video, but only a still image of it was released to the media.

Jeff Peckman said aliens visit his friend Stan Romanke all the time.

Romanke, who lives in Colorado Springs, allegedly recorded the alien video while living in Nebraska.

It's a pity he didn't air the video last Friday when Richard Hoagland was in town to speak at the Libertarian Party convention.

For those outside Denver, Jeff Peckman is the guy who recently proposed to the Denver City Council that it create an 18-member "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission".

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