August 18, 2008
And Speaking of SpaceX...

I was discussing the recent launch failure with a former coworker, one who is now on the defense side of the aerospace business. He, having a somewhat jaundiced opinion of SpaceX, opined that he would think long and hard about hiring anyone with SpaceX on their resume.

Which made me realize something: in all the interviewing that I've done in the past two years, I've never actually seen a resume with SpaceX on it. Nor have I come across blogs or other internet material posted by current or former employees (disgruntled or otherwise).

This struck me as a little odd. Surely someone from SpaceX must have left the company in the past six years, or been fired. In a population of 500-odd, no matter how carefully selected each individual is or the workplace perks they are offered, there are bound to be some who are dissatisfied with how they are treated (and others who leave due to health problems, spousal relocations, or other reasons having nothing to do with the job). So where are the resumes? Where are the insider comments at forums like Where are the angry blogs written by disgruntled former employees, who salivate over every mistake the company makes as it tries to get its rockets to work?

Seems awfully quiet out there...

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